The WALLIN module is an atypical form of vertical garden that combines living plant organisms with noble oak wood.

WALLIN involves a custom-made wood frame. The entire structure is made in Poland, covered with an excellent-quality Osmo wood finish and complemented with greenery. Plants are fixed on a specialist synthetic mat and a natural medium Terraton, which ensures proper growth conditions.


The module is equipped with an automatic irrigation system. You don’t have to remember to water the wall on daily basis — a pump concealed in a body will do that for you. Owing to special plant pouches you can use a wide variety of greenery and make the design even more attractive with seasonal plants if desired. Thanks to WALLIN, you’ll create an individual microclimate in your office, foyer or room. You can use this solution as a natural air filter and humidifier. Nature knows how to care for you.


Colours available:

  • natural oak with a delicate satin finish
  • white
  • black

Size available:

  • 60 cm × 200 cm (24 plants),
  • 100 cm × 200 cm (48 plants).

You will need:

  • a power socket for plugging in the irrigation pump located in the tank,
  • a location well suited to the size of the wall, that is, 60 cm × 200 cm or 100 cm × 200 cm (additional lighting can be fitted on demand).

Were to use it:

  • private living spaces,
  • offices,
  • foyers,
  • retail outlets,
  • catering facilities.

Plants available included in the price of the module:

  • Philodendron scandens
  • Philodendron scandens Brazil
  • Scindapsus aureus
  • Scindapsus N’joy
  • Spathiphyllum
  • Cissus rombifolia
  • Maranta
  • Ficus pumila
  • Ficus pumila Sony

Plants available with additional fee:

  • Asplenium
  • Nefrolepis
  • Cyrtomium
  • Phlebodium
  • Monstera
  • Fatsia
  • Guzmania
  • Dracena compacta